Falken Trade Polska is an international, fast growing and service-oriented trading company. After a careful selection of the world’s leading manufacturers, we supply the European food industry with high-quality raw materials and functional additives: acidity regulators, stabilizers, gelling agents, antioxidants, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, colourings, preservatives, oleoresins and feed additives. The products are delivered to domestic and international destinations, meeting customer expectations with high service quality.

The overriding objective of FALKEN TRADE POLSKA is to maintain and increase customer confidence achieved by providing high quality products and services in compliance with customer needs and expectations. We strive at due time.
In order to satisfy customer needs, FALKEN TRADE POLSKA provides high quality products. Quality audits at manufacturers, proper monitoring of imported goods, as well as cooperation with an accredited laboratory enable the qualitative control of the products. A careful control guarantees a repeatable level of food quality and safety. Our activities are focused on continuous improvement of safety in the supply chain.
Regular and fair relations with suppliers and business partners guarantee reliability and enable facing challenging orders in relatively short period of time.
FALKEN TRADE POLSKA strives to become a leading distributor of food and feed additives in the European market, and therefore has the following strategic goals:
• Rapid response to changing both customer and market needs
• Monitoring and analyzing customer satisfaction
• Comprehensive and on-time customer service
• Continuous expanding the business markets
• Co-operating with reliable suppliers who guarantee the highest quality products
• Constant upgrading employees skills
• Preventing potential health risks of the products
• Reliable services at due time
• Improving supply chain security
• Hazard identification and risk assessment
• Providing services based on applicable requirements and legal regulations
• Meeting requirements concerning environmental issues
• Maintaining ethical standards

Achieving the goals is accomplished by implementing, maintaining and improving of the quality and safety in supply chain system based on IFS Broker, ISO and FAMI-QS standards. Employees have received a system training. They are aware of responsibility of fulfilling customer expectations and possible threats identified throughout service. Every effort therefore is made to be considered as trustworthy business partner that ensures a high level of safety in the supply chain. FALKEN TRADE POLSKA employees are responsible for quality, health safety and legality of delivered goods.
The management obliges itself and all employees to implement the management system principles and further develop and improve the effectiveness of the system as well as monitor and update organization’s normative and legal requirements. The management declares continuous improvement of service quality in order to meet all, even the most challenging customer expectations.

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