Carmine, Carmine Acid

Natural colorant isolated from Dactylopius coccus insects that grow on the pads of cactus fruit. It serves as an animal metabolite and a dye.

Carmine 50%

  • a water-soluble red powder
  • consists of carmine acid, maltodextrin, protein, alkalizer
  • soluble in water in a wider pH range


  • meat industry (70%)
  • dairy products (yogurt, ice cream)
  • snacks
  • non-clear drinks

Carminic acid (carminic acid 5%, 7.5%, 8% etc.):

  • powder (concentration up to 95%) or liquid
  • high solubility in water
  • suitable for products requiring a transparent color


  • beverage industry
  • jelly
  • jelly beans