Falken Trade – Service Makes the Difference


Falken Trade is an international trading company specializing in the sale of functional food additives. The company was founded in 2003 and since then has been dynamically evolving by offering a wide range of products to European markets.

In our offer you will find products belonging to the basic groups of food additives such as antioxidants, acidity regulators, stabilizers, gelling agents, flavour enhancers and sweeteners.

The main objective of Falken Trade is to meet the needs and expectations of customers in the range of  functional  additives.  This  can  be accomplished by providing high quality products and services. The high level of satisfaction of our customers results from a careful selection of the world's leading manufacturers, relevant quality documentation, timely delivery, our employees involvement and caring about fair and stable partnership with the contractors.

Our active and strong  relationship with the suppliers and business partners ensures reliability and enables to follow difficult and extensive orders in a relatively short time.


Falken Trade aspires to become a leading distributor of functional additives in the European market, and therefore has the following strategic goals:

  • Quickly responding to changing both customer and market needs
  • Monitoring and analyzing customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive and on-time customer service
  • Continuously expanding business markets
  • Co-operating with reliable suppliers who guarantee the highest quality products
  • Consistently upgrading employees skills
  • Preventing potential health risks of the products
  • Fulfilling requirements concerning environmental issues
  • Maintaining ethical standards